Calvary Cemetery

This cemetery lies adjacent to the Mound Cemetery, located on the outskirts of Pana, a mile to the west. The plot covers about 5 acres. It was first known as St. Patrick's Cemetery, but in later years (exact date not known) was changed to Calvary. The cemetery is  owned and supervised by St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church. Ellen Burke, wife of James DeLane, who died in 1865, was the first interred there. During the early days, St. Patrick's was used by catholic residents of both Nokomis and Shelbyville. (From Fraley/Kettelkamp/Calvary Cemeteries published by CCGS in 1987).

Linwood Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Pana Township of Christian County, Illinois. It is well kept and still in use.

Twin Pines Cemetery (aka Pauper Cemetery)

Located in Pana Township of Christian County in Illinois, this cemetery is very well tended and still in use.

Mound Cemetery is also in Pana Township.