Christian County Cemeteries

A listing of burials for most cemeteries is available at the society's library in Taylorville. 

For a map of cemetery locations click here.

Assumption Township:  Greenwood, Pleasant View, St. Mary's

Bear Creek Township:  Thomas Anderson (aka Traylor/Anderson), Cloyd, St. Joseph (aka Durbin), Harper's Ferry (Palmer), Hawk

Buckhart Township:  Bethel, Blueville, Buckhart (Dutch Reform), Edinburg, Goode, New Walnut Hill (aka Universalist), Stokes

Greenwood Township:  Antioch, Center Grove, Fairview, Kettelkamp

Johnson Township:  Anderson,  Clark, Mound Chapel, Rape (destroyed), Simpson/Resler

King Township:  Harvel, Morrisonville

Locust Township:  Buckeye Prairie, Donner, Durbin, Owaneco

May Township:  Fraley, Harris #1, Harris #2, Long/Brushy Branch, Tanner (family), Williams (family)

Mosquito Township:  Berea, Hunter, Colewell (family), Darmer (destroyed), Sanders (destroyed), Stafford

Mt. Auburn Township:   Furrow (family), Hudson (destroyed), Grove City, Hinkle, Milligan, Mt. Auburn

Pana Township:  Calvary, Linwood, Mound, Twin Pines/Pauper

Prairieton Township:  Adams-Gordon, Bilyeu, Hays, Jacobs, New Liberty/Campbellite (destroyed), Workman

Ricks Township:  St. Maurice

Rosamond Township:  Ohlman, Rosamond Grove

South Fork Township:  Achenbach (aka German Lutheran or Southfork), Bethany, Finley, Tovey, Ralston

Stonington Township:  Mt. Zion, Old Stonington, Ponting

Taylorville Township:  Dalby/Hall/Old City, Glen Haven Memorial Gardens, Old Walnut Hill Cemetery (aka. Hanon or Horse Shoe/Horseshoe Prairie), Langley, Leachman (destroyed), Oak Hill, Young/Denton